My dear

Hey Jeanie!

this is brendan from wormbath. i was reading your ask Jeanie section and you seem to be quite the relationship expert. well, how bout this one...I met

this girl (who is totally fine) in one of my classes. anyway, we seemed to hit

it off pretty good and she agreed to go out downtown the other night. well, we found out that we have a whole lot in common (its almost eerie) and she was flirting hardcore all night. so later that night we went to chill at her place and while we were talking her BOYFRIEND called whom she neglected to even mention until that moment and whom she has been going out with for over 2 years! she went on to say that shes not happy with him and she doesnt even know why theyre together, blah,blah,blah. I guess the thing is that we would be perfect together, but i'm not going to do anything unless she breaks up with him...and even if she does i don't want to end up being a rebound man. do you think i should even get involved? ok thats all. hope we can play a show again soon, you guys rock!

Dear Brendan,

It sounds to me like you've answered your own question: "You don't want to end up being a rebound man". If this is true, then i would suggest you stick to your guns and wait 4 years before jumping into anything with this girl (They say it takes double the amount of time you've been with someone to get over them. who is they? i don't fucking know.). So let's say you don't REALLY mind being the rebound guy (for the sake of interest). In that case, i would wait for her to make the first move. Anyone who is in a relationship for that long, whether the relationship has been bad or good, will be left with some emotional ties to that other person. She, alone, is in charge of her pace to get out of this relationship. If you wait for her to take initiative, then your chances of looking like a fool are much LOWER than if you get bitch slapped while trying to put the moves on this girl, wouldn'tcha say? The other benefit to waiting for her to initiate something with you is that it probably means that she genuinely likes you enough that she is

willing to risk what she has with this other guy. Plus she will probably like you more if you can show her that your respect her situation. Until that boyfriend is completely out of the situation, the only thing left for you to do on is BE COOL. Being Rebound Man doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Just don't try to convince her that you are better for her than the other guy. If you take that path, you probably aren't any better. Attraction happens whether you want it to or not, so let it roll and see what happens. Wormbath knows how to work the ladies!


Hi Jeanie!

What are the lyrics to "Loco Burrito Mexican Girl"?



Dear Crystal,

Please note that no one in Dirt Bike Annie or DBA affiliates condone drug use, alcohol abuse, smoking, insanity or mexicanos. Yeah.

My throat is bleeding and my stomach's cramped, she's got a mouthful of tortillas and a bottle of tequila! She's got 13 velvet elvis paintings hanging on a wall. I think I spent all of my pesos and i can't find her at all!

She's a loco burrito mexican girl and i'm searching all over the whole wide

world for a loco burrito mexican girl. I'm searchin all over the whole wide world.

Smokin' Newports in the summer sun, yeah, the music's ultimata and there's beer in the pinata. The tv's all in Spanish and my brain's in outter space, I drop burritos in the toilet and she smacks me in the face!

Loco chorus

And it's gonna take time, yeah, she's gonna be mine, yeah, it's gonna take everything, everything! And i'm gonna take drugs and i'm gonna be drugs, yeah, i'm gonna be losin' it, losin' it. And she wouldn't greet me with a smile cause she knows i've been searching all the while...Uno, Dos, Tres! and she goes nanannannananana

Back to La Loca Chorus, everybody!!

Dear Jeanie

I have a friend who has a problem and I thought maybe you could help her. There's this really sweet guy who she really likes and it seems like he kind of likes her too (he's making her a mix tape--'nuff said!), but they've been friends for a long time, so now she's afraid that if she dated him it might ruin their jasminlive friendship. What do you think she should do?


Friend of a Friend

Dear Friend,

I've been married for two years now, so correct me if i'm wrong....but isn't it a GOOD thing when you date your friends? I mean, there's this whole stigma against it but isn't that better than meeting some joe schmoe on a blind date that you never want to see again? If you...I mean...If SHE has been friends with this guy for a long time, then by this point she should know that if things didn't work out for whatever reason, that he would be the type of guy that wouldn't want that friendship to be ruined. Will SHE be able to maintain the friendship if dating didn't work for them? She also needs to ask herself that question. So let's be honest. What wouldn't make this dating relationship work? If one didn't like the other as much or if one didn't want the same things out of the relationship, right? So they should talk about this stuff. If they are long time friends, then talking about this stuff should come somewhat easy. Dating friends brings out the truths about friendships. If they can't deal, then they probably weren't the best of friends to begin with which is a good realization because no one want's to end up living with some faux relationship in their lives. And if they ARE able to let the waves take them where they may (even break up), then they are better

friends than they even thought they were! AND Of course, we are looking at worst case scenario's here. Then there is the possiblity that this guy is her soul mate in which case, the risk is obviously worth taking! These situations are always about the way you choose to look at them. The "Don't-Date-Your-Friend" rule was made up by people who couldn't hack it and froke out. This freak out happens to these people because somehow they belittle the value of the friendship they already had, because they're blinded by what they think is the crushed potential for marriage. Don't let this happen to your live jasmin friend. Let your friend know that if her friendship with this guy is for real, then whatever happens, that risk they take together should be honest and most importantly, FUN!



Oh yeah

I've got a question I'm dying to have answered. Yeah well there's this girl I'm goin out with. And my pal Joel he says she told him a secret. Yeah and this secret happened to be she didn't like me anymore. Yeah hard knocks for me no one really cares. But I ask this. Should I dump her first for kicks? Or should I let her keep her pride? I know it will leave me with no pride at all. And it would be mean to dump her a week before her birthday and all. But she started it, it's her fault right?

Yeah if you could help that would be cool,

Your, Alex

Dear Alex:

Are there a 10 people named alex whow visit the dba website or does this one alex just have a lot of questions?? Who is this Joel? How do you know for sure that she told him that she didn't like you anymore? And if he was your real friend, why would he tell you such bad news as something that's supposed to be "secret" between him and YOUR girl? That alone sounds a little fishy. Sounds to me like he got off on telling you that. Anyhoo, that's not the point, i suppose. Even if Joel let you in on this privelaged info for your own sake, it doesn't sound like you guys have the best jasminelive relationship. You obviously don't trust this girl Why would you dump her for kicks? Why wouldn't you just dump her because you want to be with someone who LIKES you and because you want to be with someone who isn't telling "secrets" about you to your own friends? Dumping her would have nothing to do with anyone's pride except you OWN. But like i said, check your sources first. It doesn't really sound like she started anything. So you break up with her for the right reasons and you're not left with any guilt. But breaking up with her for some kind of revenge will NOT save you any face that's for sure.


Thank you

Dear Jeanie:

Im goin out with this girl and shes great, she likes punk and everything. but ever since ive been going out with her i've havn't done anything else . my friednds say im whipped. (i dont think so) like instead of band practice like normal ill sit at her house for 2 hours. And instead of going to a skatepark i went to a store for 3 hours to find her a Grandpixx shirt (she loves them alot) do you think im whipped , if so what should i do???

call me "matthew robinson"

Dear Matthew Robinson:

Yep. Sounds to me like you are whipped. If you are going to skip practice to be with this girl, are you at least using that time wisely? i mean, were you guys DOING anything together or just sitting there? Couldn't you just order her a Prixx shirt for her AND go skating? I ask these questions because if you start giving up everything you enjoyed doing before you met her, eventually you will forget how to do the things you really enjoyed.

You'll start missing the things you liked doing, but your girlfriend won't understand why you don't want to spend the same kind of time with her anymore. And then whenever you try to make time for something you enjoy, your girlfriend will feel neglected. Ok, so that sounds pretty bleak. Obviously, if you really dig this girl, then you don't want any of this stuff to happen. When you meet someone you really like, it's hard to keep in mind that there are other things in your life that are important and that you love. If you guys want to really be together, then you'll have to learn to bring out the best in each other and encourage each other to do things that you love to do on your own. Otherwise after a little kissy kissy smoochie smoochie, it'll be Hellooooo Splitsville.

xo, Jeanie!

Weird questions

this is kind of a weird dirt bike mike single? :)

dear anonymous-single-lady-interested-in-dirt-bichael-michael:

at this point, i should probably add this question to the FAQ's list. it kills me to have to tell you young gals that this hunka-hunka burnin' love HAS actually been off the market for a few good months now. Please send all bomb threats!

xo, dirt bike Jeanie!

My Thursday

You're a boss guitarist. Could you please tell me the chords to "All Systems Go"?

Your fan

James Cahill

Dear James,

Only people who can play solos through their legs should be considered boss guitarists! All Systems Go is as follows: verse: A E D E A E D C#-D D-E repeat chorus: B D Bridge: F#m E D E F#m E D E A i don't have a guitar handy so i am air guitaring it...hope it's right!


your fan

dirt bike Jeanie!

Hello Jeanie:

Hey I was just wondering being it that I am an inquisitive person. Are you really going to do a show on "...December 31, 2009..." Or am I just a complete retard? I just thought that I would ask. I bet a buck that you aren't though. Yeah.



Dear Alex:

How very inquisitive you are! (For those of you who don't listen to dba lyrics, the song Alex is referring to is 88 Christopher Street). It had to have been in 1996 or 1997.....Dirt Bike Adam, our best friend Chris Moses (the original bass player for dba AND the Bicycles) and I were at some lame party and if i remember correctly, we were drinking forties, being anti-social except with each other (as we usually were at parties not because we didn't like people, necessarily, but because we were just social retards at the time....*correct me if i'm wrong boys), and feeling the best-friend-love-vibe going on when the 3 of us made a pact to meet at the Hoover Dam on 12/31/09 at midnight, to be precise. We promised to meet there no matter what happened over the years before that day. Originally, it was only supposed to be the 3 of us that would meet (well, the 3 of us and our future families if need be), but i think about a year ago Dirt Bike Dirty asked if he could tag along, so chances are he will be there too. Who knows, maybe there will be an impromptu Bicycles reunion show! ;-)

xo, Jeanie!